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Inception [ARIADNE N COBB]

So I'm going to use my lovely LiveJournal in a way that it was MADE FOR: to bitch about other people.

I've noticed that one of my friends (best friends, even) has been kind of ignoring me, or just not calling me. I have invited him over multiple times and I've gotten a "yeah, maybe" both times that resulted in a no show. Fine, whatever boo hoo but it was a bit weird. Anywho, here's a snippet of information that is important: I do not like his girlfriend. She is always welcome to come over to my house and participate in group functions and all that but I don't go out of my way to do double dates with them or invite just her over...? I dunno but I guess I just don't like her and it's probably apparent even though I TRY SO HARD to be civil and deal with her, you know? I'm not heartless but I definitely am I a picky person when it comes to people I chose to like (SO ALL OF YOU ON MY FLIST SHOULD FEEL HONORED harhar). So another friend of mine told me last night in one of my black out rages of hating this girl that basically my friend is choosing to not hang out with me because I don't like her. Or that my husband and I team up on him all the time. Ugh. I just have such a problem with two things here: I'm an adult and I can chose not to like some one and decide not to have them around because I don't need to be pissed off/annoyed/upset when I don't have to be. Second, we are not in high school, it is time to be a man and grow some balls and tell ME why you are ignoring me or what about our friendship isn't working, not go telling everyone else. PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

MIKE GOT THE JOB AT APPLE SUCK IT BITCHES. He'll be making $1.50 more than he is now YES YES YES. We want to move closer to his work/my school ASAP. We need a copy of our lease to see if there's anything we can fandangle before April. Who knows. BUT SO HAPPY MIKE DESERVES ALL THE HAPPINESS.

I love improv, guys, but I'm starting to feel like I'm more pressured to make money and sell out shows than to have fun and make jokes. :\ I think it's the contract we're in which means I gotta just see what is going to happen after September. Bleegghhhh IT'S RUINING MY PERFORMANCE GUYS.

Let's talk about how I need to find some really good Ariadne/Cobb fic.

I have gotten only a few reviews on my new chapter and it makes me a whiney bitch. author_abz is the most amazing human.


Psh, you only like me because I leave reviews that are longer than everyone else's reviews combined! (which, btw, I was sort of trying to see if I could break the character limit, but then I got tired, and it's impossible anyway, because FF gives you 10,000 characters for a review. So.)


Hey, did you see that the picture you left me from tumblr, my other friend made into an icon because she's amazing?

Oh pshhhhh that is definitely not the only reason I like you, it just is a perk of having you as my frem.

I know right aahhhh so EXCITED FOR HIM. He's there filling out paperwork RIGHT NOW AHHH.
I KNOW, RIGHT? And the best part is, I didn't even ask her for the icon, but she saw the adorable picture/GIF spam you left me, and she just made it! :)

:D Awwww, well, thanks!

THAT'S SUPER EXCITING! Yay! *happy dance*
Yay! Congrats to Mike!
Thanks! :D
I feel honored to be on your flist! Seriously I do. Because you're awesome. You so you know. You don't get told enough. :)