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Willy Wonka


- I have classroom orientation and CPR training for student teaching next Friday and then school starts the next week. NOOOOOOOOOO. I am excited just nervous because it sounds like a busy year ahead.

- Mike has his third interview at Apple on Friday. I hoep he gets it, he's been really fed up and getting more frustrated and stuff at Goodwill lately so I think it's time to move on. We're hoping they will offer him some good pay. He's up for a promotion at Goodwill that would bring him up to $15/hr (however it's a store manager position which means he will have no life... and at $15/hr I don't know if that's worth it but...) but he is willing to go to Apple for $12.50+ so hopefully they offer him that. Apple has so many more good things about it, like the ability for him to go to grad school if he wants, it not being Goodwill, and being able to transfer stores in the future when I graduate and we move to.... wherever we move to.

- Speaking of moving after graduation, Seattle seems more and more like our choice. However, we need to go VISIT there since we've... uh... never been?

- My diet or whatev has been going swimmingly. I'm on day 17. I think I will weigh myself after a month. I feel KINDA different but I don't SEE any difference. Ah, we'll see.

- I am really excited for iLost My Mind on Saturday, I hope it does not disappoint.


Visiting Seattle, eeeeeeeeeeeeeh?

Actually with your money situation I think you should check out maybe Tacoma or the other surrounding areas, Seattle's a bit $$. But yes. VISITING. If you need it, you could sleep on our couch for a night. IDK about more than one or two nights but it's a pull out so we can fit you both!
That's fine with us. I want to talk to you anyway about like WHERE NEVER TO LIVE EVER but where good places are that don't necessarily have to be in the city... does this make sense?

We can always discuss it when we visit and STAY WITH YOU.
- CPR training is actually kind of awesome. But maybe that's just me and I enjoy weird things like that.

- I hope Mike gets it!

- My aunt and uncle and their two terrible children live in/around Seattle. It seems very nice and liberal and awesome and suchlike - but very little sunshine and nice weather as I would describe it. But you should check it out! Definitely not the worst place in the world.

- You haven't weighed yourself yet? Maybe you should take measurements? I feel like a week is the standard time frame - long enough to do something, but not so long you can't tell what works and what doesn't?

- I'm not sure if I'm excited or terrified. :/


- I am excited. I haven't been CPR certified since I was in high school so yay!

- Me too!

- Mike and I are from San francisco area so we like grey skies and such so it should be ok but WHO KNOWS. And it's cheaper than California and the schools are in better shape... always a plus. Always open to other possibilities though. I want to be a teacher so I want to go where there are actual teaching jobs and somewhere that the cost of living is cheaper than California.

- Nooooooo I haven't really. I DON'T LIKE THAT STUPID MACHINE.

- Aw, I know. I hope people will still read my spam stuff after it... I mean I guess they would this is an irrational fear.

Re: <3

- I think it's an incredibly cool thing to do. :)

- Yeaaaah. Everything else I've heard about Seattle is all awesome, but I just... sunshine. I need it. But needing a job is more important than needing sunshine... so. Go where the jobs are (and cheaper living is ALWAYS a plus)!

- Well, in my personal opinion you should learn to love it. Or at least respect it. It's just a tool, and has no power over you.

- That is an irrational fear, but nevertheless, stop scaring me about possible legitimate canon. :/

(Lookit my pretty new icon! ♥)
Seattle is AMAZING. You should def visit first, but take my word for it, it is spectacular. Senior Craig and I have talked about moving there one day. First we have to move in together tho.....step by step yo.

Good luck to stoober for the apple shiz.

And as for yer diet. The scale hardly matters at all compared to just feeling better. When you're exercising and eating right yo body feels suweet.

Keep rockin it girl!
LOL. OMG please. I'm afraid we will have NO FRIENDS.

WORD about all that diet stuff.
Wishing Mike luck! I've never been to the West Coast. I hear people say Seattle is either A) Wonderful and Nice or B) Shitty Shithole of shitdom. But of course, I hear that about any place, really.

THANKS! The west coast is purdy cool you should come, atleast go to DISNEYLAND!! I wonder what people hate about Seattle...
Seattle seems to be the place to go! It's still top on my list for moving.