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Harry Potter [H/H KISS]

Since I last wrote I have done a preview show for the And Then... company which went swimmingly, and I did the Harry Potter show with Dragon Viper Cobra and well IT WAS AMAZING YOU GUYS. I was cast as HARRY for the second show and it was such like a LIFE CHANGING MOMENT I AM SO NERDY. Ron and I got in a huge fight and Ron turned SLYTHERIN and hung out with Draco but everything worked out in the end don't worry ok.

Mike was Hermoine so I was having lots of harmony shipping times. Also lots of Snape/Draco all the time.

ANYWAY. It was great.

I am on my like, 9th day (or tenth?) of my diet and it's going pretty well except at this EXACT MOMENT I am craving anything Mexican and the only quick thing I can think of is frozen burritos or chips and salsa... both bad, right? Ugh. I did five days of eating raw to start my diet IT WAS NUTS. All in all I don't think I eat enough but it's SO MUCH HARDER TO ACTUALLY CUT VEGETABLES AND THINGS RATHER THAN MAKE RAMEN MY LIFE. Also exercising daily, which has been kind of fun but also not, duh. Just kinda tired of being enormous.

I need more internet friends who like to do the whole internet chattin' thing.


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. I seriously would love to come to any any and all of your shows. They sound so amazing. Totes gonna get a job in your area so I can come and crash all of your parties - even though I've never ever ever wanted to live in California.

What sort of diet are you on? From the vagueness it sounds sort of South Beach-y. I don't know. But cravings. I've got them too. I just want Taco Bell. But that's a bad idea. So. Sadness. BUT I totally wish I were you, exercising daily and such. I can't wait to get back to school and have Ultimate and the athletic facility RIGHT THERE where I can be all Elliptical! And Rowing Machine! and place to stretch. :) But I agree 100% on the tired of being enormous. We should also live close by each other so that we can play like, tennis regularly or something. *crazy awesome ideas*

I've got AIM and MSN that I never open... and I've never actually used Gmail chat.... but I like chatting. :)


If you came to my shows I may die of GREATNESS. Don't worry California is pretty cool, we have nice forests. I'll more to where you are because I bet the cost of living is cheaper. Anything to be close by pals.

I don't know what the South Beach Diet is exactly but no kind of specific diet. I am MOSTLY trying to put my life in better shape so I'm just avoiding bad things and eating better things. Lots of fruits and vegetables and nuts and then usually a pretty normal meal with good choices. Like veggie burgers but NO fries and definitely no pastas (not that I even care for pasta in general). DO YOU PLAY ULTIMATE BECAUSE I THINK WE JUST BECAME BEST FRIENDS. If we lived close we could take my puppy on long walks and we could DEFINITELY play tennis even though I have no idea how so we'd probably burn more calories laughing.

I use mostly google chat but I can log on to AIM. Gmail chat is super easy cuz you just get on gmail and DONE. I don't even know but yes let's chat.


I dunno it seems like I only eat one meal a day up there? Not the case. A typical day: fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch, and some kind of healthy/mindful dinner. Snacks only include nuts or fruits and veggies.


Okay! Just don't actually die, okay? Then I would be sad. I think it would be okay for me as long as I didn't live in a place that is the California of my subconscious. And yes, the cost of living is probably cheaper here. Unless you go to Chicago. Which is expensive.

Ah. Okay. That's awesome too. And sounds mostly reasonable. As long as you feel satisfied with what you're eating. I mean, you feel full, I guess. I don't know. If it works for you, then it makes me happy.

I DO PLAY ULTIMATE. Ultimate Frisbee, to be entirely sure we're on the same page. Except I haven't played for like a year because I was abroad and busy and lame. :( PUPPY! Our best friend status totally just blew through the roof. I will totally go on walks with you and your puppy! I love puppies. LOVE THEM. And I think laughing trying to play tennis is a good plan, too. :D

Gmail chat is a good idea!


I wont, don't worry. I am SUPER ALIVE. Ok let's be real and move to northern, coastal California. I am sure you will love it. http://www.michaeljanzen.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/mendocino_coast_late_sunset.jpg

I am pretty satisfied. I don't really care about fatty foods except WET BURRITOS WHICH I LIVE FOR. I usually have one once a week but haven't in so long I am dying. Otherwise, stuff is going well. I love fruits and veggies so I am doing GOOOOOD.

Yes, we are on the same page with ultimate. I haven't played in awhile either as everyone is so busy. And everyone is so competitive and I am not. That's mostly why me and team sports don't go well together.



Oh, good! Northern California sounds like a good idea... just not too near the coast. I don't want to live in the picture, but near the picture would be wonderful. *nods*

That's good. Although I have never had a wet burrito, and I doubt I would like it too much, so I am not feeling your pain.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! We should play. I will try and not be too competitive. (I actually love team sports.)

does your school have a free gym or some kind of class you can take? I know that I need someone yelling at me in order to work out.

I was just thinking about the dance show we hosted back in the day. And how hilarious we were. And mani was like "stop doing funny things" basically. And we said "NO" and were the best around.
It has a gym I have never used it. I'm hoping to take Leslie's tap class for some extra working out and I really wanna take the Ultimate class at my school but that'll be for next semester! (if I have time) Plus I go to school a lot because I also student teach so it's difficult to find time while I'm there to work out. EXCUSES.

Hahahaha! OMG That was so fun. Mani doesn't know how comedic genius we are.