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Dec. 3rd, 2011

Harry Potter [DADS]

(no subject)

I just wanted to make an entry that said that everyone who replied to my last one has put me at ease. You all rock. This may seem short stated and like... not a real thing but it really did help and put things into perspective. I am just so out of words between reading so much and writing so many papers but I wanted to express my thanks.

Also, pretzels are delicious.

Nov. 27th, 2011

The Office [SNAPSHOT]

(no subject)

Marriage problems:

I am in this sticky situation that I don't know how to get myself out of.

Mike is a crazy talented and hardworking man. Insanely talented and insanely hardworking. I wish I could get it through to you, all of you in the interwebs, how much of these two things he is.

Anyway, we are in the process of figuring out our LIVES since I will be graduating soon. Like careers, where to live, and what not. And I just can't get past this idea that Mike and I really need to move to the LA area so he can get a shot at being a screenwriter. We have had endless conversations about this. Here are the points that are most brought up:

- We both don't really like southern California, especially the LA area. Mostly due to the lack of nature. I guess moving to a beach town could fix that but THAT'S EXPENSIVE.
- California in general is expensive
- Mike doesn't want to raise children there and apparently, that is a huge priority for him (my husband rules)
- Mike wants to go to graduate school... I don't know if this is a point or not

So. There. I really feel I am more hung up on this idea than he is. He always tells me it's fine if he never does it and it is just a fun hobby of his but I just... I can't get past the horrible idea of Mike never being recognized for his talent, never going to graduate school (and doing his other dream job of being a college cinema professor), being at the Apple store for the rest of his life and just... always thinking what if. He seems to just want to do what is best for his future family and moving there isn't a priority for that. THAT IS SO SWEET AND WONDERFUL AND I LOVE HIM BUT UUUGH.

Before my career and dreams are even brought up, I want to be in education. California is doing pretty bad in that field, but on the other hand, my field is ANYWHERE so I will gladly teach or whatever any children that are available wherever I may be in life.

GUYS WHAT DO I DO????????????

Sep. 26th, 2011

Star Wars [HAN & LEIA]

(no subject)

I don't know what is happening in my spam fic and I don't know why I like writing everything until stuff comes together and I hate it.

I feel inadequate in terms of school right now. Not really looking for anyone to say anything in the comments, just feeling like I'm not good enough for the school I am in. Whatev.

Mad Men is great.

My husband told me, after I spent some time telling him how we should move to LA so he can become the famous and wonderful screenwriter he deserves to be, that he couldn't do that because he couldn't raise children in LA and that his ultimate goal is to be the best husband and father that he can be and that doesn't fit well with that plan. That is some pansy stuff but it sure makes me love him a lot.

Why am I awake?

Aug. 31st, 2011

Parks and Rec [WAFFLE]

(no subject)

In case anyone was wondering, according to my "captains" fo my improv troupe, I have a very long lest of weaknesses and a very short list of strengths.

Just when I thought I was really getting great at improvisation, and it was starting to be something that defined me.


Aug. 16th, 2011

Inception [ARIADNE N COBB]

(no subject)

So I'm going to use my lovely LiveJournal in a way that it was MADE FOR: to bitch about other people.

I've noticed that one of my friends (best friends, even) has been kind of ignoring me, or just not calling me. I have invited him over multiple times and I've gotten a "yeah, maybe" both times that resulted in a no show. Fine, whatever boo hoo but it was a bit weird. Anywho, here's a snippet of information that is important: I do not like his girlfriend. She is always welcome to come over to my house and participate in group functions and all that but I don't go out of my way to do double dates with them or invite just her over...? I dunno but I guess I just don't like her and it's probably apparent even though I TRY SO HARD to be civil and deal with her, you know? I'm not heartless but I definitely am I a picky person when it comes to people I chose to like (SO ALL OF YOU ON MY FLIST SHOULD FEEL HONORED harhar). So another friend of mine told me last night in one of my black out rages of hating this girl that basically my friend is choosing to not hang out with me because I don't like her. Or that my husband and I team up on him all the time. Ugh. I just have such a problem with two things here: I'm an adult and I can chose not to like some one and decide not to have them around because I don't need to be pissed off/annoyed/upset when I don't have to be. Second, we are not in high school, it is time to be a man and grow some balls and tell ME why you are ignoring me or what about our friendship isn't working, not go telling everyone else. PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

MIKE GOT THE JOB AT APPLE SUCK IT BITCHES. He'll be making $1.50 more than he is now YES YES YES. We want to move closer to his work/my school ASAP. We need a copy of our lease to see if there's anything we can fandangle before April. Who knows. BUT SO HAPPY MIKE DESERVES ALL THE HAPPINESS.

I love improv, guys, but I'm starting to feel like I'm more pressured to make money and sell out shows than to have fun and make jokes. :\ I think it's the contract we're in which means I gotta just see what is going to happen after September. Bleegghhhh IT'S RUINING MY PERFORMANCE GUYS.

Let's talk about how I need to find some really good Ariadne/Cobb fic.

I have gotten only a few reviews on my new chapter and it makes me a whiney bitch. author_abz is the most amazing human.

Aug. 10th, 2011

Willy Wonka

(no subject)


- I have classroom orientation and CPR training for student teaching next Friday and then school starts the next week. NOOOOOOOOOO. I am excited just nervous because it sounds like a busy year ahead.

- Mike has his third interview at Apple on Friday. I hoep he gets it, he's been really fed up and getting more frustrated and stuff at Goodwill lately so I think it's time to move on. We're hoping they will offer him some good pay. He's up for a promotion at Goodwill that would bring him up to $15/hr (however it's a store manager position which means he will have no life... and at $15/hr I don't know if that's worth it but...) but he is willing to go to Apple for $12.50+ so hopefully they offer him that. Apple has so many more good things about it, like the ability for him to go to grad school if he wants, it not being Goodwill, and being able to transfer stores in the future when I graduate and we move to.... wherever we move to.

- Speaking of moving after graduation, Seattle seems more and more like our choice. However, we need to go VISIT there since we've... uh... never been?

- My diet or whatev has been going swimmingly. I'm on day 17. I think I will weigh myself after a month. I feel KINDA different but I don't SEE any difference. Ah, we'll see.

- I am really excited for iLost My Mind on Saturday, I hope it does not disappoint.

Aug. 4th, 2011

Harry Potter [H/H KISS]

(no subject)

Since I last wrote I have done a preview show for the And Then... company which went swimmingly, and I did the Harry Potter show with Dragon Viper Cobra and well IT WAS AMAZING YOU GUYS. I was cast as HARRY for the second show and it was such like a LIFE CHANGING MOMENT I AM SO NERDY. Ron and I got in a huge fight and Ron turned SLYTHERIN and hung out with Draco but everything worked out in the end don't worry ok.

Mike was Hermoine so I was having lots of harmony shipping times. Also lots of Snape/Draco all the time.

ANYWAY. It was great.

I am on my like, 9th day (or tenth?) of my diet and it's going pretty well except at this EXACT MOMENT I am craving anything Mexican and the only quick thing I can think of is frozen burritos or chips and salsa... both bad, right? Ugh. I did five days of eating raw to start my diet IT WAS NUTS. All in all I don't think I eat enough but it's SO MUCH HARDER TO ACTUALLY CUT VEGETABLES AND THINGS RATHER THAN MAKE RAMEN MY LIFE. Also exercising daily, which has been kind of fun but also not, duh. Just kinda tired of being enormous.

I need more internet friends who like to do the whole internet chattin' thing.

Jul. 23rd, 2011

Parks and Rec [CLAYMACH]

(no subject)

So I got into that company. I guess it's going to be called something like And Then... productions or something. EITHER WAY SUPER STOKED.

I got a new phone. ALSO SUPER STOKED.

I got my loan from Wells Fargo for school so I can go YAY. I don't know if I get the excess of it this semester though which is frightening but I need it for books so....

Think I'm going to start eating raw on Monday until I lose some weight. I'M NOT CRAZY OR NOT GOING TO EAT SO PLEASE DON'T TELL ME. Jesus. Expect me to be super grouchy due to the lack of french fries.

New iLost My Mind promo is INSANELY WONDERFUL. I love Spencer dressed as Sam's mom (although makes the spam shipper in me uncomfortable) and Gibby is funny so whatever, suckas. I had some crazy seddie angst fic in my mind the other day because of all the emotions I was having from rehearsal but I think it has sailed away where all writing ideas go that never follow through.

That's all!

Jul. 18th, 2011

Parks and Rec [CLAYMACH]

(no subject)


I cried when Snape and Voldy were talking about the elder wand until the end of The Prince's Tale. SO SAD OMG SNAPE.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand that's really it.

Jul. 10th, 2011

Parks and Rec [CLAYMACH]

(no subject)

So one of my most awesome friends is now dating this amazingly adorable, happy, wonderful girl and I am just like HEARTS IN MY EYES ALL OVER THE PLACE. It's so wonderful I love it. When he told Mike and I abut it, Mike said "Oh my god! I ship that!" I have the best husband.

Yesterday I churned out 1,000 words of my spam fic in like NO TIME it felt awesome. I really love it, too bad I only kinda know what's going on in it...? I'm an improvisor, guys, I don't plan shit.

Mike and I are watching the HP movies to gear up for Thursday night. I DON'T KNKOW HOW I'M GOING TO WATCH THIS LAST MOVIE AND NOT DIE GUYS. I'm so excited but so dreading it at the same time...? Ah! Mike said we could see Winnie the Pooh after we wake up from seeing HP7p2, I'm so stoked.

What am I going to do about school if I don't get this loan that I'm awaiting the results from? Ack... I kind of hate my school for not giving a shit whether or not I could afford to finish my last year... hm. :\

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